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K.L. GoingWho is KL Going?

I’m an award-winning author who creates literature for children of all ages. That’s right – whether you’re a kid who loves picture books, a middle grade reader, a teen looking for awesome YA, or an adult who’s young-at-heart, I have a book for you.

In addition to being a writer, I’ve also worked in the publishing industry as a freelance editor, assistant literary agent, and a bookstore manager. I lead workshops through the Highlights Foundation, and I’ve been a guest speaker for such esteemed venues as SCBWI, PEN, Vermont College’s MFA Program, New York University, and the American Library Association, just to name a few.

Why mention these credentials? Because my most important role is that of a mentor. With every book I write, my desire is to touch someone’s life in a way that empowers, inspires, and entertains. When it comes to aspiring authors, I want to use the knowledge I’ve gained in over a decade of publishing to help you reach your goals. Writing is about more than seeing your name in print. It’s about understanding yourself and the world around you, and then revealing your unique truth to others. At its best, writing embodies passion and connection. That’s what you’ll find at KLGoing.com.

So, join me and explore!

KL Going

Highlights Foundation
Join KL Going at an upcoming Highlights Foundation workshop:
Rekindling the Fire
November 13-16, 2014
Workshop Leaders: KL Going and Lisa Grace Byrne
Special Guests: Ginger Knowlton and Marcelle Soviero
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Creativity in a Busy Life

Join Lisa Grace Byrne and K.L. Going for 3 intimate conversations around what it really takes to cultivate a thriving creative practice within a demanding and busy life. The video series explores how self-care can be an essential tool of creativity and how writing can be a pathway for deeper self-connection. Sign up for free here.