And the World Premier of the Fat Kid movie will be…

… at the SXSW film festival!  (

Everyone who has been involved with this movie is really excited. This is one of the biggest and most well respected film festivals out there, and it’s a perfect match for Fat Kid Rules the World. The SXSW film festival takes place in Austin, TX  from March 9-18th. Unlike other festivals, this is a venue for both films and music. Perfect, right? From what I hear, SXSW completely takes over the city, and the atmosphere is both raucous and relaxed. As one article put it, this isn’t the “bring your own yacht” type of venue like Cannes, and it’s not quite as market driven as Sundance, but it’s full of rowdy, young Austinites and hardcore film fans.

It’s a massive crystal ball for pop culture. Whatever people are talking about at SXSW – the movies, the bands, the apps – are the things that will really hit it big in mainstream pop culture six months to a year down the line.”

– CNN, March 10, 2011

Thousands of films competed for a small number of slots, and it’s a testament to the quality of this movie that it was chosen as one of the premiers. I want to offer my congratulations to all the people who made the film what it is: Whitewater Films, Whippany Park Productions, Matthew Lillard, the cast, the crew, the screenwriters… This is a giant step forward. This March, for the first time ever, the finished movie, complete with Mike McCready’s score, will show in front of a live audience. Wow.

If you have five minutes, check out the awesome video link I’ve posted below to get a sneak peek at the energy and excitement behind this festival.

(And hell yes, I am definitely going!!)


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