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20 Home Improvement Tips That Add Value To Your Home in Phoenix

20 Home Improvement Tips That Add Value To Your Home in Phoenix

TWD Peoria, Arizona 20 Home Improvement Tips That Add Value To Your Home in Phoenix

Phoenix remodeling and home improvement projects add to your enjoyment of your home, but can also boost your home’s value. Some improvements are better and more cost-effective than others, so it’s important to weigh your options for your specific situation. Whether you just bought a house, are renovating to live and age in place, or if you are preparing to sell in the next few years, increasing the value of your home is easier than you may think. We’ve compiled this list of value-added tips to get you inspired.

  • Freshen Up The Paint

    New Entry Door - TWD Home Remodeling PhoenixAdding a fresh coat of paint to the interior and/or exterior is a big contributor to the perceived value of your home. Not only does it provide the opportunity to update the color and cleanliness of your home, but it is also the most cost-effective improvement that you can do.

    Accent walls are a great way to bring in a pop of color without the hassle of painting an entire room. The living room, master bedroom suite, and home office space are ideal areas of your home to bring in a new or updated accent color. Paint is one of the easiest and low-cost upgrades that you can make to your home, and one that you can tackle more frequently than a larger remodel project.

    For those that are performing updates for home listing purposes, we always recommend painting. From a potential buyers’ perspective, it makes the home appear clean, fresh and well taken care of. It is worth stating though that you’ll want to limit the accent walls and colors used in your home. While you might love a bold color palette, a buyer may be turned off by it.

  • New Entry Door

    Replacing your worn entry door with a new steel one is at the top of the list for value-added home improvements. Not only will it add to the appearance of your home, but you’ll appreciate the low maintenance and energy-efficient benefits as well. Not to mention the extra security.

  • A Functional Home Office or Work Station

    With the available technology these days, a functional work station is more important than ever. Many employers have elected to have employees work remotely to save on operating costs and efficiencies. Most families have a least 2 people in their household that use a computer or laptop on a regular basis.

    Whether for space to pay bills, work from home or just to have a comfortable spot for social networking, a home office can play many roles. A dedicated space can be built or set up within a loft, an available countertop spot within the Kitchen, or by converting an existing den or bedroom into a home office. Make sure to add shelving and have the needed electrical outlets for such items as a computer, printer, and charging station for devices to accommodate various types of needs.

  • Add Kitchen Enhancements

    Patio Extension- Phoenix Home RemodelUsed for cooking, entertaining, workspace, and congregating, the kitchen is the most used room in the home. Upgrades and enhancements to the kitchen can make the biggest impact on you and your family’s daily routine. Not to mention, an appropriately upgraded Kitchen will hold its value more than any other room in your home. Choose wisely when considering the upgrades for your space though if you are doing a minor renovation or partial remodel of the kitchen. Be sure to select appliances and fixtures that are up to date with recent trends and provide energy-efficient money-saving features. Take a look to this custom butcher block countertop.

    Talk to your remodeling contractor about incorporating options such as spacious countertops or an island for more prep area, a deep or specialty sink to make your household chores and cooking easier, and plenty of storage space to get the most value for your money.

  • A Patio for Entertaining

    A nicely laid out patio for entertaining and family time can add value to your home. If built correctly and to code, a patio addition will last for many years to come.

    Already have a large covered patio? An existing patio can be given a facelift with upgrades, such as adding ceiling fans, decorative stone finish on the patio columns, or even including a built-in barbeque with a bar top for guests to mingle with the cook! Homebuyers will be able to easily imagine their friends and family over for get-togethers when they see your professional-looking patio.

  • Get Energy-Efficient Windows

    Many homeowners rank Energy Star-rated windows as one of their most-wanted features for their home, especially when considering the intense Florida summers. These upgrades are much like the preventive measures taken by fire watch services in Sunrise, which serve as a safeguard against potential dangers. Upgrading to triple-pane insulating glass or windows with low-e insulating glass not only helps save on utility bills but also adds a layer of protection; akin to how a father, working in fire watch, ensures safety before returning to the comfort of his home to enjoy a game on TV with his family. By blocking the sun’s heat and preventing that heat flow into your home, your A/C won’t have to overcompensate during those hot months.

    If your home has beautiful large windows overlooking your manicured lawn or other scenic views, you will not want to defeat the purpose with windows that are older and not energy efficient causing higher living expenses. The leading cause of heat getting into your home creating higher electricity bills is through your windows. Did you know that you can save up to 30% on energy costs by upgrading your windows? There are many types of windows on the market to meet your needs and budget. Make sure that you choose a complimenting neutral frame color for your new windows to match your home

  • Installing A Kitchen Backsplash

    Installing A Kitchen BacksplashThe kitchen is full of value-added projects that can be down. For homeowners that are not in a position to do a large scale or partial remodel, but are still looking for value-added improvements to make, the backsplash is a great place to start. Installing a kitchen backsplash is an impactful way to update the look of your space at an affordable cost. Mosaics and glass tiles are among the popular choices. Bearing in mind that the cost of a backsplash depends on the material you select, it is a value-added project that can be done in as little as 2 days. Tile can be installed in one day, with the grouting and sealing done on the following day.

    Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about tile they’d recommend for your space and within your budget.  You can learn more about the cost of a kitchen remodel in Phoenix here.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Flooring Home ImprovementSimilar to the benefits of having energy-efficient windows and appliances, a programmable thermostat adds energy-management benefits as well. A smart thermostat can adjust your energy consumption and provide you more control over your usage.

    Other smart home technology devices can aid in detecting leaks, such as water in order to prevent a flood or other costly damage from occurring.

    Security monitoring and motion detecting systems, garage doors, and entry door locks with smart features are also worth looking into if safety is a concern.

  • Flooring Must-Haves

    Larger scale tile in lieu of standard 12×12 tiles adds an upscale feeling to a home. Decorative tile at entryways or in transition areas can add the perfect architectural touch. Love the look of wood flooring? Porcelain wood plank tile is the latest trend in flooring. It has the look of real wood, but with added durability and less maintenance. There has been much advancement in the flooring industry and thus an endless array of materials and colors to choose from to get the perfect look for your home.

    TIP: When adding tile to wet rooms of the home, such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, make sure that the grout is sealed and low maintenance non-slip flooring is chosen. Check these Prodentim reviews.

    New flooring in a home provides the feeling of being fresh and clean. If your motivation for remodeling is for resale, flooring is a task that a future buyer does not always want to make on their own dime. Having new flooring in a neutral color scheme could be your selling point. Many homeowners will shy away from flooring that requires regular maintenance, polishing, or staining upkeep.

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