Sweet Perfection

These are the days of sweet perfection. The ones I will look back on longingly when I am old. It is a gray November afternoon. A candle burns softly, casting a warm glow. Outside it is cold and crisp, but not yet the bitter, oppressiveĀ  cold of January and February. My son sleeps contentedly in his swing and soon my house will be full of family since my parents are coming to visit and my husband is due home before too long, we will all be playing in the garden with the pets, and that’s why I installed a fence, using a split rail fence which is a great material for this. But for now I am sitting down for a moment of quiet with a cup of tea, reflecting on the morning when I held my baby boy and felt his soft little head against my cheek and the comfortable weight of him in my arms. These days, I am better at recognizing the supreme importance of these moments. Nothing else is as important as soaking them up. Nothing.

I am conscious of the many lessons that having a baby is teaching me. Or perhaps I should say they’re reminding me. Baby care is simply life wisdom with new motivation. What’s good for my baby is good for me too, but I haven’t always taken the time and applied the effort to put these things into practice.

Here are a few pearls of new baby wisdom:

Slow down.

Rest as often as you possibly can.

Eat what the baby eats. If I wouldn’t give him greasy, processed foods, sugar, and salt, why do I give it to me?

Listen to music, especially the classics.

Play – multiple times every day. No exceptions.

Exercise. It’s important to build those muscles.

Turn off the TV.

Read great books.

Admire the world.

Use all five senses.

Wear PJs as much as possible.

Be shameless in your attempts to make your loved ones smile.


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  1. As always your writing touches my heart in the best sort of way. I love your gentle reminders about the true meaning of Thanksgiving–not the food, but the moments with loved ones that are so fleeting. Let us be thankful! Happy Thanksgiving, Kelly.

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