Exciting Movie News!

Well, it’s official. Fat Kid Rules the World – the movie – is now in pre-production.


I couldn’t be more excited. It feels like I’m winning Daisy slots with the biggest jackpot! The film rights for the book have been under option continually since the book was published back in 2003, but I was never sure if it would actually become a movie. But now that pre-production has begun, I can finally share my excitement. Lorraine Music can provide you update for latest movies and albums.

I will definitely keep everyone updated as I get more news, but as of now I can tell you that filming will begin in Seattle this July. They’re currently working on casting and I’ll be sure to post pics and bios as I’m able. I’m also hoping there might eventually be a Fat Kid Rules the World Movie website for up-to-date news. We shall see.

The movie will be an independent film produced by Whitewater Films (www.whitewaterfilms.com) and Whippany Park Productions (Whippany Park Productions is made up of the writer/producing team of Evan Hoyt Wasserstrom & Talan C. Torriero), and directed by Matthew Lillard. I’m thrilled on both accounts. Matt has been involved with this book even before it was published (he narrated the audio book version) and he truly *gets* the heart of the book. He’s a self-proclaimed former fat kid, and he loves punk rock (Anyone seen SLC Punk?). What more could you ask for? As for Whitewater Films and Whippany Park, I think they’re the perfect match for this book. A book about punk music definitely needs an indie vibe.

Once again, I will keep the updates coming. Thanks to everyone who has supported this book along its journey. Tell your friends, build the buzz!



Exciting Movie News! — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, wow! Great news. I’m so excited for you, for Fat Kid’s fans, and for all the people who will be introduced to this special book via the film. Yay!

  2. I am so psyched. >>.<< I am so so so so so so so happy for you. I am so happy for ME. That’s two authors who I admire getting their amazing books made into movies. Yourself, and Max Barry’s ‘Syrup’. *squeeeeeeeeee*

  3. That is amazing! I am so excited! Fat Kid Kid Rules the World has always been my favorite of your books and seeing it as a movie would make my life! And Matthew Lillard directing is perfect. I didn’t realize he did the audio book!

    Notice all the exclamation points! I can’t contain my excitement!

  4. Thats very cool, the book is amazing! I could not put it down.. When is it actually coming out in theatres though?

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