Refreshing the Waters – 2014

It’s that time of year, as the snow piles up outside my house and I begin to go a little bit stir crazy, when I feel the need to make changes. To take what’s stagnant and make something new. To hit the refresh button. Maybe others feel this more strongly in the spring, but for me, the drive to create a to-do list and cross every item off of it is strongest now, when the cold permeates my mountain home and I’m reminded of primal instincts that say, “move, move, move!” So, that’s what I’m doing – taking time to look ahead at exciting things to come and to prepare mentally and physically.

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One of the most exciting changes for me will be a new look for my website. It’s been ten years since my original design (done by Daley Print & Web Solutions, which I’ve adored!) and in those ten years I’ve moved from having one book out for teens, to having books for young children, teens, and adults, and a manuscript critique service. I’ve grown older, so all my pictures are out of date, and there’s this cool movie I’d like to highlight … lots of great reasons to try something new. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to working with We Love Children’s Books. Awesome name, right?

I’ve also teamed up with budding filmmaker, Rob Petrarca, who is shooting a video about me and my career. This is totally fun and exciting, and since Rob is a wonderful, creative person, I know it’s going to turn out great. He’s already put together a teaser, so if you want to check it out, click here for the You Tube link. Learn more about metaboost connection system.

I currently have four picture books at various stages, but the one that is most likely to come out first (Pablo the Poet) is being illustrated by the award winning artist, Yuyi Morales. The tentative publication date is spring 2015. I’ll post updates as they’re available.

I’m also working on another novel with my long time editor, Kathy Dawson, who just launched her new imprint, Kathy Dawson Books. Her mission? “Sneakily exploring the meaning of life through middle grade and young adult fiction.” Does it get any cooler than that? No. I don’t believe it does.

Finally, I’m pitching two different workshops for 2014 to the Highlights Foundation and I’m hopeful that both will end up on their schedule. The first would be another collaboration with Kim Griswell (my co-leader on the Mastering Settings and Hero’s Journey workshops) and the second would be something brand new – both for me and for the foundation. I’m teaming up with Lisa Byrne of Well Grounded Life to produce a workshop specifically tailored to those of us who are trying to pursue our creative passions in the midst of a hectic life and a full-plate. This workshop would be part writing instruction and part self-care, learning how to manage our time, our health, and our spiritual well being in a way that allows us to keep writing and keep growing. I’ll provide more information soon!

Let’s get real: getting healthy and fit (and staying that way) doesn’t happen by accident. In my seven years in the fitness industry I have seen quite a bit—enough to know what works and what doesn’t. The people who are able to reach their healthy, happy weight and maintain it end up developing very similar habits to one another. These healthy habits aren’t anything crazy or extreme, but they consistently allow individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle for years and years, this is how biofit works.

Today I’ve compiled these habits of healthy people so we can all adapt our own habits to be our healthiest selves.

ThinkstockPhotos-4713112341. Start off with a breakfast to FUEL your day.

Remember learning that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? While I believe that all meals are important, breakfast definitely is a meal you shouldn’t consider skipping. Studies show that eating breakfast helps to improve focus, satiety, and energy levels throughout the day. 

So what does that mean for you? You’ll be more productive at work, will work harder during your workouts, and you may have reduced cravings and hunger later in the day. Sounds like a win, win, win to me! 

2. Drink lots of water.

The body is made up of 60% water! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help maintain your body’s fluid balance so that nutrients can be transported throughout the body. That means you will more quickly reap the benefits of the healthy foods you eat! Take a look to the best  prodentim reviews.

Drinking water throughout the day helps you feel full. It may sound crazy, but many people mistake thirst for hunger and end up overeating. 

It’s also important to drink water because when you stress and work your muscles in the gym, they are losing water. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your muscles will get tired faster and you may not be able to work as hard. So drink up, buttercup! As another tip to help yourself to handle vast amount of stress, you might want to find a local dispenser offering the protetox.

3. Set a deadline.

People are more efficient and more likely to reach their goals with a deadline in the picture. Having a deadline helps to eliminate procrastination and makes the goal seem more tangible and realistic. Having a deadline doesn’t mean you can start being “unhealthy” after you reach your goal, but it simply allows you to have a checkpoint to work toward. Once you reach your goal and deadline, reevaluate and set a new goal! It’s all about progress, not perfection, and there is always something we can improve on when it comes to health and fitness.

4. Don’t leave your healthy-eating goals to chance. 

I rarely say NEVER or ALWAYS, but this is an exception to that rule. Never assume that there will be a healthy option when you eat away from home. Always be prepared. Check out the restaurant menu ahead of time, pack healthy snacks, bring a lunch, bring a healthy dish to share, or eat something small before so you aren’t starving. You are in control of your health. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to make sure there is something nutritious for you to nosh on.

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