Kickstarter Reward Update

Hello to all my Kickstarter peeps!

As many of you already know, rewards have begun rolling out. In fact, the Fat Kid Rules the World team at Whitewater Films is already up to the $125 reward level – sending out signed books! Matthew Lillard has been out of the country entertaining our troops abroad (go Matt!) so as soon as possible he will do his share of the signing, and then I believe he owes some of you a very cool voice mail message (never to be erased).  By the way, for photos of the USO tour and other Matthew Lillard news, check out the awesome website

So, if your donation was at the $125 level or higher and you haven’t yet received your reward, we beg your patience a little while longer. No, you haven’t been forgotten (never!). Our gratitude has not waned. You are still incredibly amazing.

And for anyone who wasn’t able to donate to our Kickstarter campaign but would still like a copy of the book or film, you can order your copy today at Amazon or from your local independent bookseller. The movie is on sale for $9.99 (is that a deal or what?) or you can download it via itunes or see it in your local theater by using

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